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Things my mom taught me:

Always hold the door.

Give your seat to older people.

Always smile at children, because those little humans can see your soul.

Don’t be rude to someone who’s older than you, because they are wiser than you. Don’t treat someone like they’re ignorant because they are from a different generation. They still can teach you something about life.

Don’t be rude to someone just because they don’t know how to read, or speak, or because they’re gay or sick. Just don’t hate people for things that you can’t control.

People can be different, but we all die alone, and our bodies rot. We don’t take our money when we die. We leave everything and everyone behind. We are all human beings. We all have blood and guts. Our skin, eyes, sexuality, hair, opinions, talents, they can all be different, but we’re still the same inside.

We are part of nature. No matter how much we distance ourselves from it.

Everyone can change the world.

Listen to everything. Learn from everyone. Be quiet when you don’t have anything to say. Always speak when you have something to say.

Don’t be what other people want you to be, and learn how to defend yourselves from the ones that put you down when they are rude and offensive because you’re different.

Life is not perfect. No one is. But the world, and the people in it are amazing.

Love your family. You will need them one day, and you will look like them when you grow up, no matter how much you hate the way they are.

Be nice to your neighbours.

Don’t abuse animals. Don’t abuse people.

Your friends are your second family.

Bring food or flowers when you go to someone’s house. Ice cream, anything. Surprise people with nice things, they will like it.

And this is my own advice: always tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

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